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Paul Jeffrey

Links of Love Activity

Order the free Links of Love Activity Kit that has everything you need to get started.

Join us in reaching a goal of giving — and connection — across our faith.

The Presbyterian Giving Catalog recognizes how the power of each individual gift, when joined with others, makes a significant and lasting impact for people and communities around the world.

We want to demonstrate this truth through an activity that will make visible the collective efforts of generous Presbyterians. The Links of Love activity will begin at your church and then be joined with the efforts of churches like yours and virtually displayed as an amazing sign of our commitment to God's mission and our shared connection.  

Our hope for this activity is to recognize collective efforts and to inspire others. We’re excited to see how you and your church embrace this and make it your own.


We’re building a paper chain, one that stretches as far as the eye can see. This paper chain will be made up of a collection of smaller ones sent in by congregations like yours who have participated in this activity — whether they are three feet long or, 30 feet long.


Each congregation’s paper chain will be built with links that represent a gift given through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. How individual congregations decide to structure their activity is very flexible! However, we’ve got ideas to help you get inspired and downloadable templates to make your job easier.


Every person who makes a gift receives a paper link to fill out and add to the congregation’s paper chain. Additionally, if a gift is given on someone’s behalf, the recipient can add their link to the paper chain.


Be sure to display the links in a visible location! In your sanctuary, your lobby, your coffee room, your growing paper chain will generate excitement over how much is being accomplished, together.


The Links of Love activity fits nicely into holiday celebrations, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, but any time is a good time to celebrate a collective effort of giving.


  • Offer the links for “purchase” during your Alternative Giving Market. Watch a downloadable video that demonstrates just how easy it is to use Links of Love to organize a festive holiday activity.
  • Watch a video on how to drape your tree with Links of Love as a Christmas giving activity. 
  • Download, print and hang the Links of Love poster in your church to encourage churchwide participation.
  • Set a goal to create a paper chain long enough to give a whole Garden Well, with links representing smaller shares.
  • Engage the children in your congregation to parade the assembled paper chain through the sanctuary in thanks and celebration.
  • Be fishers of people, with the Fishing Kit link, assembling a series of short paper chains, and then hanging them side by side to represent a fishing net.
  • Create a joyful paper chain rainbow, just like God provided after the waters subsided, to celebrate his everlasting love.
  • Order the free Links of Love Activity Kit that has everything you need to get started.
  • Share on social! Tag @givingcatalog and use the hashtag #smallgiftsbigimpact.
    Post a picture of your congregation holding the paper chain.
Gift image Receive a fair trade, handmade ornament for gifts totaling $150 or more!