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My Mom Is...

The Bee's Knees

Tell your mom (or another special person in your life!) what you love most about them this Mother’s Day with a gift that makes a difference. Candy and flowers will be gone in a few days — but a gift made in their honor through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog spreads hope and helps create lasting, positive change around the world.

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Step 1: Choose Your Gift

My Mom Is

The Bee's Knees


Bees help crops — and income — grow in parts of the world where harvesting a seasonal crop might not provide enough money to live on all year and can help farmers supplement their earnings.

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My Mom Is

My Best Friend

Pair of Goats

Goats produce milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt — high-nutrition foods that help create sustainable food security for families around the world.

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My Mom Is

The heart of our family

Family of Chickens

From eggs to fertilizer for crops, a family of chickens supports the independence, food security, and livelihoods of families around the world.

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Step 2: Share Your Gift

Before purchasing your gift, share how you are making an impact with the person you’re honoring — and the world! You can celebrate them and your gift in one (or all!) of the following ways:

Print A Giving Card

Print a giving card to thank them for all they do — and let them know how your gift is spreading hope and providing help and relief to families and communities in need. After printing, fold along the dashed lines and deliver to that special someone.


Share a Social Graphic

Celebrate your mom — and help us spread the word about the Presbyterian Giving Catalog — by sharing a Mother’s Day social graphic to honor your special person and the gift made in their name. Make sure you tag @givingcatalog and use the hashtag #PGCMothersDay.


Post A Photo of Your Mom

A picture is worth a thousand words. Share their photo and a note of gratitude in a social post this Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tag @givingcatalog and use the hashtag #PGCMothersDay.

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Step 3: Purchase Your Gift

See how others are recognizing that special person in their lives below

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