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Coloring Sheets

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Coloring Sheets

I Spy Activity Coloring Sheets

A simple idea can blossom into something truly extraordinary, making a profound impact on the world around us. Use these I Spy Activities as a fun way to nurture young hearts and minds. Encourage children to explore the Giving Catalog and the gifts that make a difference for families and entire communities. It’s a great way to ignite their passion for generosity.

Chicken (Download)

Cow (Download)

Piglet (Download)

Corn (Download)

Veggies (Download)

Packet of All Five (Download)


Threads of Connection Activity Coloring Sheets

Want to create a barnyard bulletin board, or decorate Sunday school doors with the animals the children know and love? These ready-made templates depict scenes of the work supported through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog.

Farm Scene (Download)

Fishing Boat Scene (Download)

Water Well Scene (Download)

Community Garden Scene (Download)


Growing a Better World Coloring Sheet (Download)

Help provide the seeds to grow a world where there is plenty of nutritious food for everyone.


Moving Hearts to Share (Download)

A cow on a farm can provide milk, cheese, yogurt and other food to help families live healthy and strong lives.