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Threads of Connection Activity

Threads of Connection Activity

A Presbyterian Giving Catalog Activity for All Ages

There is a truth that is known among quilters: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By lovingly stitching together what might have once been cast-off scraps, quilters create something that is both functional and beautiful. We see this same transformation in our congregations as well, when members come together to support a common good. As individuals, they only have so much to give. As a group, they have the ability to stitch together something bigger — something that brings hope, joy and comfort.

The Presbyterian Giving Catalog’s Threads of Connection activity is a way to involve your entire congregation in creating something beautiful together. The quilts we’ve outlined here are designed for all ages and skill levels. They are a reminder that when we come together, we are better able to see a bigger picture — a picture pieced together by love, joined by caring, and made stronger by faith.

We hope you enjoy this activity, and that it inspires you to seek out more ways to give hope and show love… one stitch (one piece or, one patch) at a time.

Threads of Connection — It Adds Up Video (Watch Now)

Threads of Connection Instructional Video (Beginner)

Threads of Connection Instructional Video (Intermediate)

Threads of Connection Templates

Threads of Connection Instructional Guide

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Sebastian Duverge is an emerging Latino artist residing in Louisville, Kentucky. His use of bold, vibrant colors are seen throughout his paper mosaics, paper weavings, and watercolor paintings. 



Sebastian shows us how to create beautiful paper weavings as one way to engage with this activity.

Paper Heart Weaving with Instructions Video (Beginner)

Paper Heart Weaving with Instructions Video (Intermediate)