Paul Jeffrey

20 ways to support the Giving Catalog in 2020

Making a gift through the Giving Catalog is only one way to support the cause. See below for new ideas, tips, and advice to kick off your 2020 mission giving!  

Share a story of impact with your congregation. You’ll find two new inspiring stories in the Impact Guide as well as many more here.

Align giving to a special day on the calendar. International Women’s Day, World Food Day, College and Young Adult Saturday — choose a day of recognition that has special meaning for your congregation and select a gift from the catalog to support it.

Enhance your VBS.  Weave the Giving Catalog into your VBS lesson planning to help your youngest members learn the power of giving. Curricula, activity sheets and more are available for all age groups.

Link up. Participate in our brand-new Links of Love activity. Add a link to a paper chain for every gift made through the Giving Catalog. Help us get to 1,000 feet — a symbol of the unbreakable Presbyterian spirit of generosity.

Pool your resources. Select a larger gift from the catalog, such as a Deep Rock Well or a Community Farm Bundle, and gather individual donations toward the total.

Spread the news. Our support resources include a pre-written, catalog-themed newsletter/blog article, ready to place in your church bulletin or blog.

Get crafty. Once you have a goal or large gift selected, design a creative display so everyone in the congregation knows about it. (This is another great way to get kids involved!)

Throw a parade. A mask parade, that is. Engage young members to color farm animal masks and put on a parade, sharing what they’ve learned about gifts related to agriculture and food.

Celebrate women and girls. The Giving Catalog includes an entire category focused on helping to empower women and girls. Encourage your congregation’s women and girls to come together in support of their sisters around the world. 

Get social. Share posts about the Giving Catalog and your congregation’s goals and projects on all your church social channels (and don’t forget to tag the Giving Catalog accounts, so we can follow along!). Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Blog about it. Have a member with a special connection to a particular cause in the Giving Catalog? Invite them to write a blog for your website or an article for the bulletin, creating a more personal connection to the catalog.

Join forces. Partner with another congregation in your area on a shared project to support a gift from the catalog. Events like a bake sale, community yard sale and bike-a-thon or car wash can always use more hands.

Create a friendly competition. Set a giving goal with another church and see who can meet it first. (Really, everybody wins.) Or, compete with yourselves. Set a goal and see if your congregation can top last year’s giving.

Host an alternative giving market. Before the holidays, encourage members to “shop” a little differently by hosting a market where the gift IS the giving. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered – download Hosting an Alternative Giving Market for an easy step-by-step guide.

Satisfy a thirst for knowledge. Learning about the need for clean water after disasters is one way to show young members how even small gifts can help. The jerry can curriculum is a free, ready-to-use VBS resource that connects with kids’ helpful instincts.

Hang a poster. Order some promotional posters to display around your church. Does it get ANY easier?

Say a prayer. Choose a prayer (you’ll find them throughout the print catalog and in our new Worship Resources) and share it with your congregation. Reflect on the many ways the work supported by the Giving Catalog connects to our faith.

Celebrate Christmas in July. Or Thanksgiving in June. A special mid-year giving campaign reminds members that support is needed all year long.

Give a bundle. A Family Farm Bundle or Community Farm Bundle make great cooperative gifts. Challenge your congregation to raise enough for one or more!

Let generosity flow. Choose water-related items from the Giving Catalog and use the Overflowing Generosity activity to highlight the importance of clean, available water.

Share your creative ideas with us by emailing us at or posting on social media and tagging us. We can’t WAIT to see your amazing activities!