Paul Jeffrey

Small women-owned bakery is making a big impact in rural Malawi

Emma Abulahamu (center), Tinenenji Kalamba (right) and a friend display the finished product before selling.

Discover how a small women-owned bakery is making a big impact in rural Malawi.

The Kasupe Women’s Bakery, a partner of the Presbyterian Hunger Program and supported, in part, by gifts made through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, provides much-needed income for women while also producing a variety of nutritious, healthy food for their community. The bakery doesn’t just empower women by employing them as bakers — it is bolstering the production of local farmers and strengthening the economy by sourcing local ingredients for their baked goods.

"The Kasupe Women’s Bakery hasn’t given me everything, but it is putting food on the table," said Tinenenji Kalamba, a bakery shareholder. 

Because of this livelihood project, 109 women are shareholders in the bakery, they earn $11 per month and have more financial resources to support their families, which is improving access to education, healthcare, and basic necessities like food and clothing. The progress they’ve made is a source of hope and inspiration for the resilient women of Kasupe. With plans to double production capacity, each shareholder could soon be earning $20 per month, putting them closer to what the United Nations suggests is necessary for a decent life.

This multi-faceted project is a testament to the power of faith and community.

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Photos courtesy of Kasupe Ministries Malawi