Paul Jeffrey

Fulton Presbyterian Shows Heart Through Compassionate Giving

A Story of Generosity Inspired by The Giving Catalog

At Fulton Presbyterian in Fulton, IL, the outreach committee embarked on a mission to connect their congregation with the essence of giving, embracing the theme, "What speaks to YOUR heart?" This simple question guided their engagement with the Presbyterian Giving Catalog — and led to an inspiring outcome. 

The variety of global needs presented in the Giving Catalog resonated with members, sparking a wave of generosity that culminated in close to $2,000 in donations to various causes. The centerpiece of this project was a large, mobile bulletin board strategically placed to catch eyes and hearts. More than just a passive display, it became a vibrant hub of interaction, adorned with catalogs, donation forms and pictures. 

To weave this spirit of giving into their worship, the committee highlighted two to three catalog options during each service. This inspired members, allowing them to see the direct impact of their contributions. As the project’s end neared, the church blossomed with informational pictures and donation updates, creating a visual testament to their collective compassion, driving further interest and support. 

Fulton Presbyterian proved that any time is the perfect time for giving. Their story is a poignant reminder that when a community asked to give in a way that speaks to their hearts, the answers can lead to remarkable acts of love and generosity. We encourage you to ask your community the same question — and share your stories with us.