Paul Jeffrey


“It’s certainly something that the congregation really embraced, because the church wanted to see the youth succeed, they were buying pies at truly outlandish prices, $50 or $60 a pie. They were behind them 100%.” 

— Rev. Dr. Chuck Guth, First Presbyterian Church of Aberdeen, WA

As we look to inspire and guide the young minds in our congregations and communities, it is important to provide tools that fuel
engagement and create impact. This is where the Presbyterian Giving Catalog comes in — an inspirational resource that generates positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

The youth at First Presbyterian Church in Aberdeen, Washington are a shining example of how the Presbyterian Giving Catalog is being used to inspire generosity through generations. Four years ago, 15-year-old Judy Light picked up a copy of the Giving Catalog
and was immediately drawn to its mission of providing support for communities in need. With the help of her peers, Judy and other youth group members set an ambitious goal of raising $5,000 for a Community Farm Bundle. While it took a while to accomplish, these amazing young people never gave up, always looked forward and knew they’d reach their goal eventually.

The youth group organized a number of fundraising activities. They offered handmade Christmas decorations for sale and held bake sales and car washes. The youth continually kept the congregation up to date on their progress and members made it a point to engage and support their efforts. The most successful activities in terms of participation and donations were bake sales — more specifically, pies! The youth quickly learned that by appealing to their congregation’s sweet tooth, they were able to raise significant amounts of money for a worthy cause.

The success of the First Presbyterian Church of Aberdeen youth group in using the Giving Catalog serves as an inspiration and model for other youth groups across the country.

The Presbyterian Giving Catalog offers a wealth of information on projects it supports across the globe, making it a valuable educational resource. The Giving Catalog helps to ignite a passion for generosity in every generation, connecting them more deeply to their communities and those in need.

Photo courtesy of First Presbyterian Church, Aberdeen, Washington