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Encircle the Globe with Links of Love

The Presbyterian Giving Catalog’s activity, Links of Love, is helping the whole Church come together and see the power of our shared ministry. People across the country are connecting their generous actions together and reaching out to join with one another and people in need all over the world. Each decision to give results in a paper link joining with others in an illustration of how we are connected.

Our paper chain is growing, made up of thousands of small actions to create more love in God’s world. Humbled and inspired, we’ve set a new, loftier goal: to encircle the globe with Links of Love.


“Our children and congregation worked together to collect change as part of the teaching that was done during Time with Children around the sacrament of the Lord's Supper and how, through it, God changes us so that we can help bring change to the world.”

Rev. Dr. Shannon Smythe, United Presbyterian Church, Yardville, New Jersey

“This entire catalog is certainly a witness to our responsibility as followers of Jesus as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.”

Susan Powers, member of the Mission Committee, Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, Minnesota

“I love the Giving Catalog. That is good stewardship, indeed! I am proud of our PC(USA) for continuing and sponsoring this great opportunity that enables those with some material means to provide gifts that can have lasting effect on a family in need of support.”

W. Clay Macaulay, Director of Alumni Development, Union Presbyterian Seminary

“Love is not just an emotion, it’s devotion. It’s not just about how we feel, but how we connect as a body of believers.”

Teaching Elder Gregory J. Bentley, Co-Moderator of the 224th General Assembly (2020)

“As we look at these 'Links of Love,' we understand that a little can mean a lot. It builds our understanding of being generous.”

Ruling Elder Elona Street-Stewart, Co-Moderator of the 224th General Assembly (2020)

“[The Giving Catalog] gives you a concrete look at how every act of giving really does add up to something incredible.”

Pat Molden, Elder, First Presbyterian Church, Michigan City, Indiana

“Stringing our Links of Love paper chain throughout the sanctuary during worship was a joyful, laugh-out-loud part of the service! We were physically connected to our understanding of mission — and each other.”

Rev. Ian McMullen, General Presbyter, Prospect Hill Presbytery

Separated by Distance and Connected by Links of Love

While we weren’t able to celebrate Links of Love together, in person, like we had originally planned, Presbyterian generosity persisted and we couldn’t be more grateful. Watch the video to hear Bryce Wiebe, Director of the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, talk about the commitment shown to the connections that we share.

A picture of a box of paper links.

Small Church, Big Impact

After the little ones at Kirkmont Center’s Beginners Camp in Zanesfield, Ohio, learned how our similarities and differences are each important and loved as part of God’s kin-dom, they joined their Links of Love together with prayers for peace.


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